Calcium And Vitamin D

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Calcium And Vitamin D 


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Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Vitamin D3, 

Accessories: Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Gelatin, Glycerol, 

USP Water, Lemon Yellow, Titania.

Ingredient efficacy: Every grain of 300 mg of calcium, 

Vitamin D3 2.5μg.

Function: Calcium and vitamin D

Suitable for: All the people need calcium and vitamin D

Not Suitable for: Infants under 3 years old

Expiration: 24 months    

Date Manufactured: See the bottle

Suggested use: 7-10 years old children, 

take 1 softgel each time, twice a day.

Net weight:172,5g     

Product  Specification:  1.15gx150 softgels 

Storage: cool and dry place. 

Statement: This product does not take the place of drugs. 

Appropriate crowd outside the crowd is not recommended 

consumption of this product. Unfavorable exceed recommended 

or with other nutrients to eat at the same time.

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Calcium And Vitamin D

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